It is a small paradise located right in the city.



The Arab Baths

It is a small paradise located right in the city. This space has been especially conceived and designed to produce an immediate effect of wellness and relaxation using water.
Immerse yourself in our spa and travel throughout the Arab culture. Emulating the Nasrid architecture, with vaults and stilted arches, it makes us feel the Moorish essence and culture that inhabited our city in the past.

The whisper of the water, the scents that evoke freshness will accompany you during this enjoyable experience that will provide relaxation and wellness for your body and mind.


Tour through the Hammam:

It is all about alternating the effects of hot and cold in a very friendly atmosphere, with its HOT WATER BUBBLE POOL, cold water Jacuzzi and Turkish bath.

You can walk freely all around the grounds during bath session.
We also have a seating area where you can enjoy tea, juice, fruit and chocolates.


  • Thermal Circuit: 40,00€
  • Relax Circuit: 50,00€
  • Love special circuit: 180,00€


  • Location: Calle Arteaga, 3, 18010 Granada
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Capacity: 8
  • Disabled Access:
    • Local:not accessible
    • Baths:not accessible
  • Public transport: bus and taxi.
  • GPS coordinates: 37°10'46.9"N 3°35'57.1"W
  • No Smoking: No smoking in the entire establishment
  • Sessions: MONDAY TO FRIDAY: FROM 14:00 TO 21:00. SATURDAY TO SUNDAY: FROM 10:30 TO 00:00
  • Open: Monday to Sunday including holidays.
  • Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes approx. includes changing room time and/or massage/treatment if contracted.

Hammam rules and recommended route

Basic rules

  • It is compulsory to wear a bathing suit (swimsuit or bikini).
  • Use a low voice inside the bathing area.
  • Long hair should be tied back. It is not necessary to wear a cap.
  • El uso de las zapatillas propias sólo está permitido en los vestuarios
  • Please arrive before the reserved time and be punctual on departure. Once the shift has started, time not enjoyed won't be recovered.
  • The entry of animals or food is not allowed
  • It is mandatory to shower before entering the hot springs.
  • A towel is provided for every client.
  • There is shampoo, gel, hair dryer and lockers for personal belongings in the changing rooms. It is recommended to leave personal and valuable objects in the lockers. The Company is not responsible for lost items.
  • The tour of the Hammam will be all according to the customer's tastes.
  • The bathrooms are mixed except for the changing room.
  • It is not possible to choose wheter the masseur will be a man or a woman.
  • Children under 10 years old are not allowed.

Description of the services:

Circuits last an hour and a half and include tea, juice, fruit and chocolates in the rest area.